Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB)

For the project to modernize their service, the SBB was assigned by the ministry to optimize their public service delivery. The assignment was to set up a new customer-centric user experience.

Despite the great amount of users, no UX processes had been implemented. An interesting challenge to put this on the map with the result of creating products in a user-friendly way both now as in the future.

User first

SBB has had a tooling developed for the many different kinds of users they have. Users were identified and personas were created. Personas are the personal profile of a potential user, providing information about their lives, their values, their challenges and the potential benefits. They help the project team understand the users and put themselves in their position. Personas serve as a reflection tool throughout the entire project so as to test if the iteration of a project is useful for some, or all personas.

Material design

A design language describes how the styling and interaction of a website or app works and looks like. Which color palette is used, which fonts that are used, what visual feedback does a button give, in which pattern a layout is drawn up? These themes are determined in a designer language. A kind of house-style manual for digital appliances. ​

1. Archive of elements

The MD archive of Google contains an ample set of user-interface elements. By combining elements with the SBB- house-style, a wide choice of options is created.

  • Speed in development
  • Insight in the organization
  • Sufficient choice ​

2. Clear Guidelines

A mistake or misinterpretation is a risk that always lurks. By creating clear guidelines this risk is minimized and each developer involved can work without any delay.

  • Do's and don'ts clearly point out
  • Clarity for developers​

3. Accessibility

The aesthetics of the Material Design principles are balanced and accessible for each different type of user. Both on an application as well as in a presentation the style can be applied without any kind of modification.

  • Aesthetically well-designed
  • User-friendly design
  • Offers room for custom design within the house-style​

4. Proven result

The Material Design Principles are applied around the globe and are proven to work.

  • Website guidelines
  • Usability​
  • Avoid re-inventing the wheel

Insight in the qualification structure

Qualification files lie at the very basis of education in the secondary vocational education. Educational institutes develop their programs based on the diploma requirements that are described in these files. For this subject I have created various tools.

The cross-over tool

A 'cross-over-qualification' consists of parts of already existing qualifications. In an experiment, an educational institute can put together a qualification in collaboration with the industry. This enables currently and innovative progressions to be implemented quickly in the training. The experiment of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science lasts until 2025. The new tool organizes the existing files in a clear fashion so that all components can be clearly seen. Once the desired core tasks are selected, they are joined together in a cross-over qualification.

The new qualification register

In the qualification registry all secondary vocational educational studies can be found. Previously it was not possible to scan through them in an organic way. By renewing the structure I've managed to make the complex hierarchy accessible by means of colors, material design and icons.

A new sign-up procedure

A company has to sign up at the SBB if it wants to be eligible to host trainees. With the renewed procedure for signing up, the user is guided through many fields in just a few simple steps. By applying a self-scan the user can determine beforehand if an trainee is suited for the company. The flow of subsequent procedure for signing up is so optimized that a user can quickly and effortlessly go through the process.

Concept videos

An essential part of my work as a product designer is to capture ideas and turn them into concept videos. A video generates a feeling, a definition and is easy to share so that all staff in the organization have the same view on a product.