I got to join Ortec's UX team to design and optimize a number of applications. Ortec's highly complex applications are brilliant on the backend, but some work was still needed on the front-end. The team is now working hard to match this level.

Design System in Figma

Ortec also uses the beautiful Material Design in its applications. The UX team has set up a nice component database so that applications can be built and rebuilt easily. To make a large team work, it is essential to maintain a synchronized working method. Figma is THE UX tool for this and made it possible for the whole group to achieve great results in an organized way.

Simplify technology

Making something very difficult work simply is where the challenge lies. Ortec's customers are used to working with Excel and old SAP applications, only change is needed because competitors with a better UI are lurking. The challenge was to simplify the applications in such a way that a layman can work with them, and a heavy user doesn't get frustrated that buttons are not visible.